Medical Messenger as a convenient way of remote communication of the patient with his doctor

What is Medsenger?

A completely ready ("turnkey") cloud solution that does not require installation on computers or a server.

A personal confidential communication channel between the patient and the doctor in a mode closed to the traditional messengers.

The main principle of service is asynchronous: the patient asks when there is a question, the doctor answers when there is a possibility, what allows to embed a new service in the doctor's busy work day.

Access for all users is available from any device (Web, Android, iOS). All correspondence is logged and available when you change device.

The patient does not have any personal contacts of the doctor after completion of the contract, but all correspondence with him remains.

Photographs and other files can also be attached to the messages.

For clinics (doctors), laboratories, insurance companies Medsenger provides:

competitive advantage - attracting new customers and retaining old ones;

increasing customer loyalty, their commitment to treatment and satisfaction with medical services;

additional income without increasing loads.

For patients Medsenger is:

the ability to constantly stay in touch with your doctor when it is difficult to visit him once more in a medical institution due to his health condition or remote location;

the involvement in the struggle for their own health and the health of their loved ones, and this is an improvement in the quality of treatment and acceleration of recovery;

the prevention of seizures, exacerbations and repeated hospitalizations.

The service became the winner of two competitions by the Innovation Agency of Moscow, it has become part of a product developed through two state tenders, included in the List of innovative, high-tech products and technologies.


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