Interactive platform for the rehabilitation of oncological patients

The service was developed with the assistance of the Association of Oncologists of Russia.

The main part of the OncoRehab platform is an online webinar service for patients with the consequences of cancer.

Patients with oncological diagnosis need constant support and assistance from a doctor during the period of rehabilitation. For the first time this task is solved on the interactive level using the OncoRehab platform by conducting regular online sessions with patients with constant monitoring of their condition.

The platform allows to schedule class schedules, create a line of tariffs (daily classes or classes with interruptions, as well as classes on webinar recordings made offline), set up groups of 20 people based on questionnaires and determine the patient's physical level, and conduct online webinars.

After the webinars, classes records are available to patients. Based on these records patients can do the exercises themselves.

According to the results of classes, patients undergo questioning, the results in the form of a report are sent to the lecturer - thus the patient’s health status is continuously monitored.

The set in groups is carried out on preliminary questioning. The doctor examines the patient questionnaire data (age, nosology, and a number of other important criteria) and determines their physical and emotional state, then sets them up in groups of 20 people.

The system allows you to conduct a session with a maximum of 49 participants in a group, which is essentially redundant.

In fact, the groups will consist of 12-15 people, which is optimal from the point of view of patient manageability.

The administrator can not only monitor the schedule of classes, but also actively participate in the formation of groups, the appointment of doctors and lecturers, but also monitor the indicators of rehabilitation effectiveness both for the whole group and for each patient personally.

Flexible settings and high quality conferences allow patients to comfortably conduct oncological rehabilitation from anywhere in the world.

The system includes a large amount of information materials provided to the patient based on the questionnaires filled in by him using a special algorithm for assessing his condition.

On May 13, 2020, the OncoRehab project was included in the List of innovative, high-tech products and technologies.

The OncoRehab system is registered as a computer program under the name “ Service for conducting distance learning for patients with the consequences of oncological diseases.”, Certificate on state registration of a computer program No. 2020612268 of 02.19.2020

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