Petsenger as a convenient way of remote communication between veterinarians and pet owners

Petsenger is a completely ready-made service that does not require hardware and software costs.

This is a cloud platform on the basis of which veterinary clinics and offices offer pet owners a new paid service: remote counseling (monitoring, support) regarding the health status of their pets between in-person visits to the veterinarian.

The service can be used on any platform - Web, Android, iOS. The main principle of the service is asynchrony: the patient asks when there is a question, the doctor answers when there is an opportunity (for example, within 24 hours). This is what allows to embed a new service on a busy day of the veterinarian.

Petsenger provides the following benefits to the Veterinary clinics, offices and doctors:

competitive advantage - attracting new customers and retaining old ones;

increasing customer loyalty, their commitment to treatment and satisfaction with the medical services provided;

additional income without increasing workloads.

For customers (pet owners) Petsenger is:

the ability to stay constantly in touch with the veterinarians of their pet when it is difficult to visit him at the medical facility once again because of the health condition of the pet or the distance of its owner’s residence;

involvement in the struggle for the health of their pet, which means improving the quality of treatment and accelerating recovery;

prevention of seizures, exacerbations and re-hospitalization of a pet.