Telemedical remote monitoring platform for oncological patients after conservative treatment and antitumor therapy

It was developed by order of the All-Russian Union of Patients with the support of the Association of Oncologists of Russia.

ONCONET is an interactive remote monitoring service plus an informational site to support cancer patients after conservative treatment (postoperative monitoring, chemotherapy, immune and targeted therapy, etc.) Designed for remote maintenance of oncological patients between out-patient antitumor therapy sessions.

For the doctor, ONCONET is a real digital assistant that supports him with additional information, monitors the patient outside the hospital, decides on his further treatment and even saves his life.

For the healthcare system, ONCONET is a chance to increase the effectiveness of oncological medical care, reduce the number of hospitalizations and use intensive therapy, and reduce mortality from toxic side effects.

For patients, ONCONET is a chance not to be left alone after the hospital, faced with side effects during treatment. And the digital system involves the patient in taking care of his own health and enables him to self-monitor and educate himself in managing toxic complications, changes in life habits and diets, and minimizing debilitating side effects.

ONCONET is a cloud solution, it can combine patients and doctors around definite oncological center in regions, and it doesn’t need any additional software for a hospital. Communication «doctor-patient» is very primitive and a patient, who is able to deal basically with a computer, a mobile phone or a tablet, can use it easily on Windows, Android, IOS. It needs only internet.

In 2019, ОNCОNET was awarded the patient recognition Award "Let's live" and a Diploma from the Association of cancer patients “Zdravstvui!” for winning in the nomination “Flagship of telemedicine technologies”": the awards were presented in the Kremlin on 03.03.2019.

In February 2020, ONCONET won the pitch session of the Bayer pharmaceutical company.

On May 13, 2020, the ONCONET project was included in the List of innovative, high-tech products and technologies.

On July 3, 2020, the ONCONET project was announced the winner of the AstraZeneca Skolkovo Startup Challenge 2020.

The ONCONET system is registered as a computer program under the name "ONCONET. A telemedicine platform for remote monitoring of cancer patients during long-term treatment".

Certificate on state registration of a computer program No. 2020616373 dated June 17, 2020.


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