About us

TelePat means Telemedicine for Patients.

It was created on March 13, 2017 to develop telemedicine services in the «patient-doctor» segment. But our team has many years of experience in creating software for remote patient monitoring.


already has 6 Certificates of State Registration of Computer Programs for Developed New Cloud Services;

won 4 state competitions and successfully passed all the works on them;

recognized as the winner in two competitions organized by the Moscow Innovation Agency;

received prizes in competitions held by the ARMIT Association in the framework of the international forums “Medsoft-2017”, “Medsoft-2018” and “Medsoft-2019”;

awarded the Patient Recognition Award "Let's Live" and the Diploma from the Association of Cancer Patients "Zdravstvui!" for the victory in the "Leader of Telemedicine Technologies" nomination: presented in the Kremlin in 2019 and 2020, respectively, for the ONCONET and OncoRehab services.

In September 2018, TelePat LLC products were included in the List of innovative, high-tech products and technologies.

The first software product of the company was the cloud platform Medsenger – a remote counseling service for patients by their doctors. With this decision, TelePat LLC was declared the winner of two competitions held by the Moscow Innovation Agency.

It was followed by the ONCONET platform for remote assistance to oncological patients at home between chemotherapy sessions. It was developed by order of the All-Russian Union of Patients with the support of the Association of Oncologists of Russia,

In December 2018 we created a new product ONCO Control, a multi-role support service for cancer patients with insurance representatives by order of the Mandatory Medical Insurance Fund of the Yaroslavl Region.

At the end of 2018, TelePat created the Petsenger service for remote interaction of veterinarians with pet owners.

In 2019, we started working on two new projects, these are Transplantnet, patient support service and monitoring after organ transplantation, created with the support of the Interregional Public Organization of Nephrology Patients "NEFRO-LIGA" and the "National Medical Research Center for Transplantology and Artificial Organs named after Academician V.I. Shumakov. and

OncoRehab, a system for the remote rehabilitation of cancer patients, developed with the assistance of the Association of Oncologists of Russia.



Medical Messenger as a convenient way of remote communication of the patient with his doctor


Telemedical remote monitoring platform for oncological patients after conservative treatment and chemotherapy


System of Monitoring and Support for Patients after Organ Transplantation


Interactive platform for the rehabilitation of oncological patients


Petsenger as a convenient way of remote communication between veterinarians and pet owners


Multi-role service for accompanying patients with insurance representatives during the period from the suspicion of cancer to the confirmation of this diagnosis


A platform for connecting artificial intelligence tools to remote consultations of patients by their doctors.


Interactive platform for remote rehabilitation of patients with various complications after COVID-19


Platform for remote rehabilitation of children after injuries


Platform for remote monitoring and rehabilitation of patients.


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