TeleNefroCenter is a cloud platform designed for remote monitoring and rehabilitation of patients, which gives a chance the doctor to see the patient's condition and allows the instructor to conduct online classes with the patient.

The platform was created jointly with Moscow City Clinical Hospital No. 52.

TeleNefroCenter is a service that allows a person with kidney disease, as well as a general practitioner, to learn more about the features of kidney pathologies and apply to the reference neurological consultative and diagnostic center of the Moscow City Clinical Hospital No. 52 for a "second opinion".

The platform contains an extensive knowledge base. The informational articles contained in it cover such aspects of nephrology as the prevention of kidney diseases, dialysis, kidney transplantation. Much attention is paid to nutrition, diet for kidney diseases and rehabilitation therapy. Almost every section is accompanied by extensive video materials with recommendations from nephrologists and rehabilitation physicians, as well as video materials for familiarization and conducting independent exercises of therapeutic and rehabilitation gymnastics.

Instructors conduct daily online classes with patients. In addition, individual health monitoring is carried out by rehabilitation specialists.

The main system features include:

  • Conducting individual and group exercise therapy with the patient.
  • Appointment of exercises for self-fulfillment.
  • Monitoring the patient through questionnaires, prescribing drugs and measurements.
  • An anonymous correspondence tool according to the patient-doctor scheme.
  • Secure cloud storage of patient files (test results, extracts, certificates, etc.).
  • Heat maps and their download.
  • Dealing with anxious patients through a TV assistant.
  • Text and video instructions for working with the system.
  • A large information resource: the patient and physician library, which contains many articles and educational videos.