Multi-role service for accompanying patients with insurance representatives during the period from the suspicion of cancer to the confirmation of this diagnosis

The service was developed by state order of the Mandatory Medical Insurance Fund of the Yaroslavl region.

The purpose of the service is Remote patient management by an insurance representative of the 3rd level (IR3) in an insurance medical organization (IMO) during diagnosis and follow-up (in oncology and cardiology).

The service is intended for:

accelerating and optimizing the passage of all stages of routing and diagnostics of the insured person (hereinafter - IP) with a suspicion of a malignant neoplasm (hereinafter - MN), from the moment of detection of suspicion to the beginning of the provision of specialized treatment;

connecting insurance representatives of the second and third levels to ensure optimization, control and operational interaction with the medical organization, doctors authorized in medical organizations and IPs in the process of routing with identified suspicions of MN.

Service can be used:

in medical organizations for the appointment of a plan of examination or clinical observation for a patient;

in the IMO to monitor the passage of the doctor’s appointments by the patient and his informational support;

in the personal account of the patient to monitor the implementation of the plan.

Functionality of the service:

Creating a case management case.

Referral to the IMO, where the patient is insured, a signal about the creation of the case.

Attaching Personal IR3 to the patient in his IMO.

Appointment of a plan of examination or clinical observation by the attending physician to the patient.

The ability of the patient to activate his personal account to receive information about appointments and correspondence with personal IR3.

IR3 access to the examination plan, the possibility of correspondence and registration of other contacts with the patient.

Possibility of reporting and control in medical organizations and IMO.

The OncoControl service is registered as a computer program under the name "Multi-role service for escorting patients with insurance representatives", Certificate on state registration of a computer program No. 2019610266 dated 01/09/2019.